Suzuki racing suits are specially designed for the professional bike riders and our valuable customers to fulfill their racing passions with great safety. All the products of NYC are best featured and excellent designs. In a manner, it is a representation of racing enthusiasm. As a symbol of racing lust the SUZUKI Motorcycle Branded Sport Leather Suit was created a CE certified piece of clothing which is customized to be used for riding on the road. Comfortability of the users is our first priority. The Alex Rins Suzuki MotoGP 2019 Suit full of internal and external protectors on knees, shoulders and back. Suit is customized according to the requirements of weather and customers the suits are stylish and easy to wear and use.

The inner and outer shells also enhance the quality and durability of the suits. If we talk about the inner shell its 100% Polyester mesh lining and two inside pockets. Pockets are waterproof and materialized with strip. Removable CE approved protector on the shoulder and on the back of the neck. Double safety stitching features and removable hump. The selves’ cuffs wrist in thinner and has a self-locking zip in it.
By adding further details, the outer shell of the Suzuki Ecstar Black MotoGP Bike Race Leather Suit is, Genuine Cowhide Top Grain Leather 1.3 mm to 1.4 mm. zippers at the front and pre- served sleeves for the professionals. Cuffs and sleeves for maximum stretching. Adjustable waste closure, collars made of the micro fiber with a trim. This outer shell also includes Velcro for attaching knee puck are sewn. Additional further highlighted the features of the suit is it also involves the rubber paddings for safety on critical parts.
The suits are manufactured by hand to perfection down to the minor points and is completely protect for race use. It is durable garment and the more use it, more appealing to appear. By time to time we offers discounts to our customers. Customization feathers will give you best service, our customers can select any color, designs, logo embroidery styles, ventilation zippers etc.
Leather jackets NYC offers you meticulous care at the highest standard of craftsmanship. Our suits are top in quality and stander we always pick best and affordable products. Our focus is best quality and number of features on low cost or affordable customer friendly cost. The quality we offer you will rest for the life.
Our premium services will help you out to achieve the best satisfaction level because we are expert in productions of different types of racing suits and jackets from 20 years of experience. Let’s solve another problem of our valuable customers in order to make every effort to ensure that your experience on the is secure.
We use encryption technology to protect you against the loss. In case of any compliant we are responsible for your personal data you give us. Our team work makes you sure of your privacy is our privacy. We only use your information for placing orders only. Suzuki Ecstar Motorbike Racing Leather Suit will be always here for you with all of the answer with experience and the best believes.

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