There are plenty of designs of men’s genuine leather bomber jackets but there isn’t anything that can replace it. You get to choose according to your style because that’s what matters. Your sense of fashion is all that will help you choose which jacket is going to be the best for you. 

You must see the size chart before buying a jacket because sometimes, the typical sizes can vary from place to place and brand to brand. If you are looking for a custom fit B6 Shearling Bomber jacket, you need to measure your size and then compare it to the chart available. Leather being a natural material also requires extra care. If you don’t give it the attention it wants, it will end up being cracked and certainly torn. To save your expensive jacket, you must take care of it. You can wash it by yours but professional help is always preferred. After washing, the next step is the conditioner and polish that needs to be done at least once a week. Otherwise, you will end up with a hard and dried out jacket. It is important to retain moisture and keep it healthy. 

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