At Leather Jacket NYC, all of your data is safe with us. Your contact and the data you provide is processed by our team to make sure that your packages reach in time at the right address.

  • All of your information including your name, address, phone number, and the residential country will only be retained after you create an account on our store website, take part in a competition, or when you buy something.
  • The payment and invoicing data including postal code, address, and credit card number will be retained after your purchase to make sure the product reaches the right address.
  • If you allow us to retain this information for future purchases, that data will be processed and make your next purchase easier.
  • When using the website, your data from the internet you are using and your IP address from the device you are using will be noted after you agree for further processing.
  • The site from which you came on the website can be analyzed and all of the activities will be noted.
  • All of your data is collected directly from you and no other means of collection are used.
  • When you use different store features, it can result in the collection of your provided data. Cookies and pixel tags are used for that and after you subscribe to our newsletter, your mail will be collected.
  • You provided data that will be used to confirm your order, make your payment, and deliver the product or service. The order can’t be processed without your data so that needs to be used.
  • The complete processing is legal based on the purchase agreement that you allow when you accept the terms and conditions of our store.