Harley Davidson Men’s Dauntless Convertible Leather Jacket

Mid-weight cowhide leather
skin is hand-rubbed for a vintage appearance
Two front vertical vents and two back leave vents
Body defensive layer pockets at elbows and shoulders
Flash off sleeves convert coat to vest
Original YKK zipper
Mid drain collar
Fixed mesh lining
Quilted removable lining

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Harley Davidson Men’s Dauntless Convertible Leather Jacket
If you have 5 years plan for a car or bike then why not look for a perfect motorcycle jacket. And if you are Looking for a perfect motorcycle jacket for yourself and team, look no further, Harley Davidson Jackets provide a wide range of leather, fabrics, which include waxed cotton and denim, abrasions resistant mesh, nylon or corduroy which produce best Harley Davidson Men’s Dauntless Convertible Leather Jacket.
Best materials and quality craftsmanship makes sure that Harley Davidson Men Motorcyle Leather Jackets are best and top of the line leather motorcycle jackets in the market, crafted using finest full grain leather from cowhide, lambskin, goatskin and calfskin for added strength. Harley Davidson focuses of style and shape, color is also an important part of the process. To enhance the look of your biker men’s genuine bomber leather jacket, you get an enormous range of collection and option at bay, from leather finishes to jacket lining, stitching and other detailing. To ensure maximum durability and toughness of the biker jacket, Harley Davidson put a lot of effort in the stitching process, thus making the Harley Davidson Jacket a go to choice for bikers around the world. Being a biker your most of the time will be spent on road and you will a lot your personal belongings to be at your disposal when needed.
To cater for this need of bikers, Harley Davidson Men’s Killian Riding Jacket is crafted with multiple pockets inside the jacket and outside the jacket, with outer pockets having zippers to safeguard your belongings. Harley Davidson provides a graceful, sturdy and trendy solution to your need for a perfect leather jacket that will enhance your fun and joy of riding the bike. The biker jacket is a prime choice for adventures around the globe. Harley-Davidson Men’s Gastone Riding Jacket is built to last a lifetime, with highest quality hides and an amazing range of rider-friendly features.
Surely, the best Harely Dauntless leather jackets don’t come cheap, there is a catch for the impressive stitching, best fabric or hide, biker features and effort to detail and taking the plunge can be an overwhelming experience but you will end up investing in a wardrobe essential that will last a lifetime, molding to your body and become a second skin. Ask someone to draw a leather jacket and he will end up drawing the iconic Harley Davidson, that’s what Harley Davidson is an epitome of excellence in the field of Men’s Metonga Switchback Lite Riding Jacket, suitable and perfect for bikers and non-bikers alike. It has history, it has richness, it has style, it has fashion and it has a quality that will catch every on looker and passerby’s gaze.
Take care of your leather jacket it will last a lifetime
• After using place your leather jacket on a coat hanger and hang in a well-ventilated place.
• To clean mix a few drops of dishwashing soap in hot water and gently rub off the outside of your jacket with a microfiber towel.
• Allow the jacket to dry in a ventilated spot, don’t use dryer or artificial heat as it will shrink the leather and damage it.
• To give it another good lifetime, massage the jacket with a Harley Davidson leather rejuvenator.
The Harley Davidson leather jacket makes an impressive style and personality statement. It is undoubtedly the best way to improve your look and style.

2 reviews for Harley Davidson Men’s Dauntless Convertible Leather Jacket

  1. Eden Lee

    Really Splendid motorcycle leather jacket

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